Hire, Train & Deploy

CAYS develops human resources in hard to find skills such as Appian, Pega and Salesforce. We have a well-defined training program combined with personality development to nurture DAY 1 Production ready talent

Organizations are taking aggressive steps to embrace newer technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, internet of things and data science. Among these tech trends, the speed at which automation technologies have developed, and the scale at which they could disrupt the world of work, is largely without precedent. While the organizations move towards newer technologies, the demand for skilled resources has risen. Organizations are eagerly looking for trained professionals to start work immediately, but without investing in a lot of resources training them. To assist our clients to find a capable employee, we developed Hire, Train, and Deploy program, which benefits both parties. The program unites fully trained employees with a company in need of their skills and talent.

What We Do?


We work closely with our clients to understand unique talent needs and required skills.

We then go and hire undergrads from Computer Science or related field of study for our network of local colleges and universities. We also hire developers with 1-3 years of Java experience. Our selection methodology also focus extensively on soft skills.


Our candidates go through a 10-12 week rigorous training program.

The training program is live instructor led classroom based, completely hands on and project based. We collaborate with our clients to develop a curriculum that suit their needs. Training covers, soft skills, scrum, agile and a capstone project.


Our Candidates will be Production Ready on Day 1.

Highly knowledgeable in Enterprise Project Development methodologies. Seamlessly integrate into your existing team.

Will be thoroughly trained on one of the specialized skills: Appian, Pega or Salesforce